Friends with benefits: worth the hassle?

Friends with benefits are like condoms: convenient to have around, but easily broken and are later thrown away.
It is more acceptable to partake in nonromantic and noncommittal relationships than ever before, according to Peggy Giordano, a sociology professor at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, who studies the sexual behavioral patterns of
young adults.

In a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior journal, 66 percent of
participants revealed they have engaged in a FWB relationship. The study revealed that the
main advantage of these unconventional unions is the lack of commitment (59.7 percent)
and having intercourse (55.6 percent).

When the romance is sans the wine and dining, the expectations for fidelity is forgone.
This is where conflict breeds. Approximately half of the students admitted to having bouts
of uncertainty while FWB, however nearly three-fourths said ground rules and
expectations were never discussed. Of the related stresses, 65.3 percent reported anxiety
over developing feelings and 28.2 percent worried they would ruin the preexisting

By exercising total honesty and straightforwardness, these issues could work in
your favor and help you and your partner maintain the friendship that came to be FWB. Be
honest about any other sexual partners you have and anyone you are seeing, as
these can be points of contention. Be up front about your expectations and make ground
rules if needed.

An advantage of having a trusted sexual partner is the ability to explore your
sexuality, fantasies and desires, without being judged or left with the empty feeling after a
one-night stand.

Take comfort and guilty pleasure in knowing your lover so well. Not only
will conversations about contraception, fidelity and needs come easier, but they’re more
likely to understand and cater to your needs and wants.

This type of honesty and open conversation will strengthen your relationship and friendship in the long run.
Try new things and incite your frisky side. Have your partner tie you up in some light bondage with inexpensive nylon rope or a silky tie. Try the police officer role-play you have been dying to do. Buy a whip or paddle and show your good friend who really is boss.

Do the deed in some unexpected places.

Being FWB is about seizing the moment and taking control of your cravings. Explore new boundaries together within the confines of your relationship; after all, many would argue you have the best of both worlds — dessert without the extra hassles.

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