Noob to lube? Read up

One minute you are white water rafting in the seas of lust and the next, you hit Sahara desert status. You and your partner are head deep in hot, sweat-induced euphoria and want to seal the deal, what do you grab? If it is not lust by the reigns, you will (hopefully) grab some type of personal lubricant. However, with a market full of different flavors, sensations, compositions, brands and objectives, who really knows what bottle of water works you can turn to?

Easy. No, you’re not easy, but the decision can be just as.

First, pick a composition. Personal lubrication is made from water, oil, silicone or petroleum-based products.

Oil and petroleum-based lubricants can cause latex condoms to deteriorate before due time, or even worse, during your mattress sesh. These types of lube are long-lasting and perfect for shower sex. Oil-based lubes can also double for great massage oils. For feisty foreplay, try a new one from KY’s Yours and Mine Kissable Sensations.

Silicone-based lubricants can often feel sticky to the touch, be difficult to wash off your skin and stain your sheets. It will, however, leave your body feeling extra smooth and is an option for the long-term riders. Try Wet Platinum, which boasts of being the highest-grade silicone, non-drying and moisturizing. If you or your partner is into dressing in latex or leather, this silicone solution will even buff and polish these fabrics.

If you want a composition that will slide you into home base every time without irritation, stained sheets or stickiness, always opt for a water-based solution. Remember if your slippery solution is not water soluble, washing away the excess and lingering bacteria can be more difficult. Steer clear of any water-based solutions that contain glycerin, a sweet-tasting lipid found in some lubes, as these sugars can cause a yeast infection. Try Astroglide Natural, which is infused with xylitol (a naturally occurring sugar derived from corn that increases white blood cell count to fight bacteria), aloe vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and chamomile. This formula is glycerin, alcohol and fragrance free and will feel as natural as the birds and bees.

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